How many of us have thought that things would be better if we could just be the perfect size 8? 10? 12? The perfect ...whatever? 

What if "perfect" had nothing to do with a number?

Margaux Laskey’s one-woman show chronicles this futile quest for measured perfection in a theatrical, sometimes musical and often hysterical retelling of her journey through obsession and addiction to something like self-acceptance.

A non-linear tale of her adventures in body, food, and culture, this show is one woman's honest commentary on the labels, images, and assumptions we all live with.



It was awesome. It made me feel better about myself. Sade Grier, Freshman, Class of 2011, Caldwell College (this one's my favorite.)
size ate is perfect for college communities because it is a fun and engaging way to reach out to students struggling with eating disorders and to educate everyone. By the end of the performance Margaux Laskey has given the entire audience the inside view of what it is like to live with an eating disorder. The student response and involvement in the post show discussion showed how Margaux had connected with the experiences of so many. Our students, faculty, and staff at SUNY New Paltz raved about the show and we look forward to having her back in the future.
Mark S. Balaban, Ph.D., Senior Counselor, Psychological Counseling Center, State University of New York at New Paltz
I loved your show. It was pee-in-your-pants funny. My boyfriend and I saw it, and we were talking about it for a week. That's the hallmark of good theater, I think, that you go home and think about it not just for that night or during dinner, but for days afterward. The show is so important, and not only for you, but for all. I really could go on an on about this, your show, your performance, how many feelings it brought up for me. Rebecca Holladay, Documentary Photographer

Margaux Laskey’s performance in size ate was honest, eye-opening, and thought-provoking… There were moments of humor mixed in with moments of horror. It was refreshing to hear the story of a woman on the bumpy road to finally feeling good in her own skin. Not only was the show fantastic, but Margaux and her team were incredibly easy to work with! I would highly recommend size ate to other higher ed. institutions for an inspirational experience. Joyce Lewandowski, Student Activities at Barnard College and Columbia University
We loved your husband really enjoyed it, and I think it gave him a new insight into my food-obsessed insanity. I know that I could relate to so many aspects of the show...for starters, my weight-conscious mom (a size 2 when she got married) and family who always treated me like the red-headed fat bastard, the obsession either with eating or NOT eating, working off those calories, etc. Anyway, I have you to thank for inspiring me. I am not resigning myself to a life without chocolate, no thank you. But I'm also resigned to not be a slave to my weight. A perfect size 14 is alright by me. Karalyn Burlone, Student and Artist

The show itself was very powerful, and I know it touched so many members of the audience, including me. You bring your personal story to life in a way that many of us were able to identify with. Thank you for developing a show that portrays very vividly the ways in which women's obsession with body size can lead them down a very unhealthy road, indeed. You provided the audience with hope that there is a better way to live — without the "numbers."
Robin Davenport, Director of Counseling, Director of Student Development Center, Caldwell College, New Jersey
I can’t say enough good things about Margaux Laskey, and her one-woman show, size ate! Our students, faculty and staff were enraptured as she made us laugh, cry, and laugh again. Using the “numbers game,” represented by a cast of real body-size figures, Margaux hits home the damage done by the quest for perfection. One month later, students are still talking about the show. For example, Sophomore Lizardo said, “I can’t believe how much the show affected me, and affects me still. It was only at her show that I realized how much body image impacted me as a boy.” Sophomore, Claristela, International Management major, muses “It brought together humor of what it’s like growing up in a society where beauty is king and how one imperfection could lead to a life of distress.” Her effective use of humor, music, and multimedia imagery appealed to our diverse student body without being preachy. In looking for programming for strong women, I loved how Margaux addressed the challenges of body image and her own shining example of strong womanhood.
Jody Clark Vaisman, Program Director of Student Development & Campus Activities, Pace University, New York
I very much enjoyed Margaux’s show. There is such a relatable quality to the show that you don’t necessarily have to be suffering from anorexia or bulimia to understand what she went through. And who hasn’t said “pretty hurts” in some way or another; believe me, I don’t wear stilettos for the pure joy of it.
Sandra Gilot, Assistant Director of Residence Life, Caldwell College, New Jersey

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